Types of Arthritis

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 Types of Arthritis


Arthritis is a disease that causes inflammation, pain, and discomfort in the joints.

Common symptoms of Arthritis include swelling, pain, stiffness, and decreased range of motion. Symptoms can fluctuate from mild to severe depending on other health or environmental factors but progressively get worse over time. Severe arthritis can result in permanent changes to the joint, chronic pain and unwanted limitations in completing simple everyday life tasks. Some types of arthritis even affect the heart, eyes, lungs, kidneys, and skin.

With 100+ different types of arthritis and related conditions affecting people of all ages, sexes, and races, it is important to give this disease a great amount of attention, research and proactive care.

Treating Arthritis via Stem Cell Therapy is greatly effective, not only in relieving symptoms but also in reversing the disease. Stem Cell Therapy helps to rebuild tissue, bone, and cartilage which provides incredible results for our arthritis patients. Learn more about treatment options HERE.


Types of Arthritis:

Degenerative Arthritis

Degenerative arthritis, or osteoarthritis, is the most common type of arthritis. This specific type damages the cartilage and tissues surrounding a joint exposing the bones to each other – bone on bone – which causes pain, swelling, and stiffness. As the disease progresses and the body attempts to heal itself, new growths of bone or cartilage can enlarge the joints and cause a significant increase in pain and loss of mobility.

Inflammatory Arthritis

Inflammatory Arthritis occurs when the immune system is overactive and mistakenly attacks the joints. This causes uncontrolled inflammation. Patients experience symptoms stiffness, pain, warmth and tenderness, swelling of the joints, restricted motions, and reduced physical strength. This category of arthritis also has the ability to cause systemic symptoms such as skin rashes, eye swelling, fatigue, and can damage internal organs, and other parts of the body.

Infectious Arthritis

Infectious Arthritis, also referred to as septic arthritis occurs when an infection caused by a bacteria, virus, or fungus spreads to a joint or the fluid surrounding the joint. Symptoms of septic arthritis usually come on rapidly and must be treated immediately. Some common symptoms are chills, fatigue, fever, swelling, warmth and redness in the affected joint, and severe pain in the affected joint, especially with movement.

Metabolic Arthritis

Metabolic arthritis is another name for gout or gouty arthritis. Metabolic arthritis is a very painful type of arthritis that affects the joints, especially the big toe. Metabolic arthritis is caused by a buildup of uric acid in the blood. This acid crystallizes and the crystals deposit in the joints. Eventually, this causes sudden flare-ups of excruciating pain, redness, and swelling.


Learn more about specific types or Arthritis HEREThe Arthritis Foundation’ s mission is to provide life-changing information and resources, access to optimal care, advancements in science and community connections.


Treatment + Symptom Relief:

  • Stem Cell Therapy
  • Hot + cold therapies
  • Regular physical activity
  • Joint-specific exercises
  • Eating a whole foods diet
  • Living an anti-inflammatory lifestyle
  • IV Therapy for reducing inflammation and providing the necessary vitamins, minerals, and nutrients for joint repair.